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Connecting Dots

The Only Community
Focused Payment Processor

Let's Put Those Fees to Good Use

Merchant Services are Supposed to Do Just That...

Serve the Merchant.

For too long, payment processors around the globe have taken billions from merchants without giving a cent back to the community that made them.

We're going to flip that on it's head.

Reverse Cash Discounting

Eliminate your processing fees and increase your revenue by up to 4% annually in as little as 30 minutes

Interchange Plus

Prefer a more traditional approach?

Interchange Plus pricing will keep your costs lower than they've ever been.

Versatility in Application

Point of Sale? Online Payment Gateways? Mobile Card Readers?

We've got you covered.

Full Customer Experience Service

24/7 Technical Support with Call Centers in Florida and New Jersey.

Unprecedented Giving. Impeccable Service.

"We all have a moral obligation to help in the ways we know how. Whether it be picking up trash on the side of the road, knitting blankets to comfort the cold, or starting a business centered around benefitting those all around us, we all need to do what we can to make this community the greatest place on Earth."

- Quinn Kumfer, Founder of Treeboy


Ossian, Indiana 46777

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